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    We Are Metrics Works - CNC Machining Solutions

    We are Metrics Works, a world-class custom CNC machining company that offers our customers a wide range of capabilities. With factories in both Effingham, Illinois, and Saltillo, Mexico, we are strategically positioned to quickly cater to the needs of our domestic customers.

    We provide precision CNC machining parts from castings, forgings, and bar stock. We supply them directly to Tier 1 or OEM suppliers. Our facilities are highly automated and integrated with the latest Smart Factory technology, allowing us to provide the highest quality product while maintaining competitive pricing.

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    Effingham, Illinois

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    Columbus, Ohio

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    Saltillo, Mexico

    • CNC Machining
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    Monterrey, Mexico

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    • Post-Manufacturing Rework,Post Manufacturing Inspections

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    At Metrics Works, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive range of precision manufacturing capabilities to meet your exacting requirements. Our expertise spans the spectrum, from precision milling and turning to meticulous assembly, rigorous leak testing, precise grinding, intricate balancing, and heat staking. Whether you need precision-crafted components or intricate assemblies, our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled technicians ensure the highest quality and reliability. Explore the possibilities with Metrics Works and experience precision in every detail.

    • Milling
    • Turning
    • Assembly
    • Leak Testing
    • Grinding
    • Balancing
    • Heat Staking


    At Metrics Works, we excel in precision manufacturing for a wide array of applications, spanning from suspension components like front and rear knuckles, control arms, damper forks, and brake calipers to vital engine and drive train parts such as transmission clutches, housings, timing chain covers, valve covers, crank cases, oil pans, exhaust manifolds, brackets, and much more. With our commitment to precision and quality, we deliver excellence in every component we craft, ensuring your projects achieve peak performance and reliability


    Front & rear knuckles, control arms, damper forks, brake calipers, and more.

    Engine & Drive Train

    Transmission clutch, housings, timing chain covers, valve covers, crank cases, oil pans, exhaust manifolds, brackets and more


    Ductile iron, aluminum, steel, magnesium, and more.

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