Get To Know Metrics Works

Metrics Works is a collection of manufacturing sites built close to its customers. Factories specialize in technologies and factories, most important to their nearby customers. Metrics works sites typically produce and ship Just-In-Time to their customers.

Factories and Warehouses are situated strategically in the US, Mexico, and Europe, with more sites slated in India and China. Some of the processes include die castings, injection molding, CNC machining, sub-assembly, repacking, and sequencing into assembly plants.

Most of the manufacturing sites focus on growing to gain efficiencies. However, over the last decade, the shipping cost and lead times for around 1000 miles have become very expensive due to trucking law changes, lack of drivers, gas prices, and various regulatory issues.

Metrics Works is focused on building highly connected, technology-enabled, automation, quick tool changes, flexible manufacturing cells SMART Factories. Regardless of which process we run in our factories, equipment, machines, and cells are connected with IoTs, Controllers, and software to monitor yield, OEE, scrap, downtime, and preventive maintenance instantly and proactively.