When you’ve gotta shift gears, you need a partner that can keep up – and lead the way. Metrics Works is a connected factory that makes the most of your runs. Smart and agile, our advanced technologies enable high-quality reporting, preventive maintenance, APQP management, barcoding, and EDI capabilities, ensuring you get efficient customer service and accurate shipping.

Our Smart Factory is a highly digitized shop floor that continuously collects and shares data through connected machines, devices, and production systems. The data is then used by self-optimizing devices or across the organization to proactively address issues, improve manufacturing processes and respond to new demands. With the use of various technologies such as AI, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) have made our smart factory practices fully comprehensive.

By connecting the physical and digital world, we can monitor the entire production process, from manufacturing tools and the supply chain to individual operators on the shop floor.